Elvis Tribute Artists

Meet Jack Evans: 

    Jack lives in Clarksburg, WV and is the 2nd Tribute Artist I have had the privilege to work with.  He commissioned me to make the Elvis Owl Star jumpsuit for him.  You can follow him at facebook.com/thevoiceofelvis

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Jack sporting his          newest Elvis                  Jumpsuit, the                Concho.  Add a             custom belt and red scarf and he is ready to rock and roll.   

Meet Jim Forshey:

   Jim resides in Parkesburg WV.  Jim's father was a tribute artist before him and when Sr. retired, he decided to begin performing and keep the legacy going.

I have been making suits for Jim for 10 years.  

Recently he commissioned me to make the Red Ladder Jumpsuit.

You can follow Jim at 

www.jimforsheyaselvis.webs.com and Jim Forshey as Elvis on FB

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